Privacy policy is committed to ensuring that you get a safe and secure shopping experience on the website. Under this privacy policy, Khoshee is the owner of the information and data that you provide through the website forms.

As a user, browser, or visitor of the website, you are bound by this privacy policy and must understand and comply to avail a safe and secure experience on the platform. Also as a user, you agree to this privacy policy and can choose to not use the website if you do not agree with the policy.

Under this policy, the terms “Khoshee”, “we”, “us”, “website”, and “platform” denote the owners and operators of the website, and the terms “you” and “your” refer to the user, browser, or visitor of the website. 

What information do you collect and how do you use it?

We only collect the information that you provide to us via registration or order-placing. We do not collect any other information that you do not provide to us. We are committed to the safety of your data and comply with the highest data security benchmarks and guidelines as provided under the various laws.

We use the collected information to send you notifications about your order or devise better products and services for you. We may collect the information and contact details that you provide while placing your order. We collect your name, email address, contact number, and address details that you provide to us and give you the most personalized and relevant shopping experience.

We use the information you provide to us regarding an order via email or any other media to address your order issues and ensure a prompt redress of the complaints. This information can also include the order type and ID associated with the grievance.

Do you sell the collected information or distribute it in any other way?

At Khoshee, our customers are at the core of our business values. So when you place and order with us and provide us relevant details, we take utmost care in ensuring that your data is safe and never misused. Therefore, under this policy, we are inherently prohibited to sell, distribute, or pass on the collected information to third-party providers and buyers.

We may, however, in good faith and under the ambit of legal compliance, provide the information if doing so is required by regulatory authorities to ensure the safety and security of the website and its users. The platform can also do so to arrest or mitigate any illegal activity that necessitates such sharing of information to protect the safety of the website and its users.

Is there any other way in which you process the collected information?

We may use the information as provided by you to send you regular updates regarding our products and offerings. We may also use the collected data and your buying patterns and habits to strengthen and improve our knowledgebase to provide you personalized products and offerings. All this information is strictly for the business goals of the platform and is never sold or distributed or redistributed to any third-party buyers.

We may, however, allow third-party advertisers to show you relevant and targeted advertisements. It is up to your discretion to click on these advertisements as per your interest and the website holds no liability or responsibility for any illegal or inconvenient activity you are subjected to on the advertising platforms. 

Policy updates reserves the right to make changes or cancellations to a part of or the entire privacy policy without prior notification to you. However, you may stay updated with these changes, if affected, from time to time right from this page.