At Khoshee, we understand the needs of our customers and provide the most affordable solutions. Therefore, we ensure that every piece of shipment is delivered with utmost care and consideration. All our packaging is done with compliance to the delivery standards in the region. So no matter where you are from in Ludhiana or where you are ordering your product from Khoshee, you will get the most cost-efficient and time-bound delivery of the products. Here are some of the frequently asked questions that are answered under our delivery policy.


            How and when is the order delivered?

  1. At Khoshee, we have our own experienced gardeners working with us. They firstly prepare the plants with extra care and then deliver it to the customer by themselves only. So the products are delivered by our own gardeners within the time given for any particular order.
  2. We deliver the order within 3 days of ordering if available. If not, we inform the customers timely.
  3. We also provide gardeners on customer request with time flexibility.
  4. Delivery is on all 7 days of the week, except the national holidays, between 9AM to 5PM because we believe that plants do sleep after sunset.

Delivery charges

For delivering an entire order, we charge a constant amount which remains the same for each order.

We charge Rs. 79 as delivery fee for each complete order.



We provide a very safe and secure delivery of our products because delivery is done by our own experienced gardeners.

Customers can easily return the product at the time of delivery if they found it broken. We allow free shipping wherever applicable on certain order amounts, so make sure you check the product page thoroughly before placing your order.

Can I track my order?

Absolutely! Our website has a built in shipment tracking system that you can use to track your order along the way. So no matter where your order is, you will be able to keep track of when it will reach you. Simply login to the My Account section of your profile and find the order tracking details on the “Track Order'' page of the menu. So you can rest assured, your Khoshee products will reach you safely and on time.


We ensure that your shopping experience at Khoshee is memorable, enjoyable, and most of all, cost-efficient. We calculate the optimal delivery charge. You do not have to worry. Every charge will be according to an appropriate standard.


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